Why Neemrana

Delhi- Mumbai Industrial corridor (DMIC) is a mega infra-structure project of US$ 90 billion with the financial & technical aids from Japan as well other country, Covering and overcall length of 1483 KMs between the political capital and the business capital of India, i.e. Delhi and Mumbai.

Finally Government of India has announced established of the Multi- Modal High Axle Load Dedicated freighgt Corridor (DFC) between Delhi and Mumbai,Covering an overall lenth of 1483 km and passing through the six states – U.P, NCR of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharastra , with end terminal at Dadri in the National Capital Region of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru Port near Mumbai. Distribution of length of the corridor indicates that Rajasthan (39%) and Gujrat (38%) together constitute 77% of the total length of the alignment of freight corridor followed by Haryana and Maharastra 10% each and Uttar Pradesh and National Capital Region of Delhi 1.5% of total length each.

In Rajasthan, Shahjahanpur- Neemarana- Behror Investment Region , in North- Eastern Rajasthan, would be loacated within 50km from the alignment of Dedicated freight Corridor. This region also falls under the National Capital Region of Delhi and is on the National Highway No.8 which forms part of the Goldenn Quadrilateral. Rajasthan government has set out ambitious plans for the region by developing a Global City, to be spread over 40,000 Acres, between Shahjahanpur, Neemrana and Behror and expected to cater to Million Population.

Feeder Rail Links: Connectivity to the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor through exclusive siding, Development of Feeder Rail links also includes construction of underpasses wherever required so as to avoid level crossing, Development of Regional MRTS Linkage between Delhi, Manesar and Neemrana.

SNB Residential
• The industrial boom witnessed by the town has led to astrong growth in the residential sector too. With all the industrial development around, Neemrana – Behror is inching close ta a housingboom. The are offers investors a potentialsector to invest in with high capital returns. Neemarana-Behroor is geared for quantum growth in residential property development to match the booming commercial market. Investors in Neemrana-Behror real estate can expact goodreturns on their investment in the next couple of yerars.

SNB Commercial
• A Global City is planned and all set for development is Shahjahanpur-Neemrana-Behror on 40,000 acres of land and will house about a million people. The Blobal City would have cluster cities within – the Cyber City, Medicity Knowledge City, Bio-diversity Park, a Dry Port City and an airport facility. All the cluster cities would be self contained with residential and commercial spaces. RIICO is also putting up large industrial estates extending 2000 acres called Neemrana Phase III.

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